Century of Qaradawi Abdul Hafeed Nadwi This paper focuses on the works and thoughts of recently demised Islamic scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The article describes his contributions , books and subjects, his call for the collective movement of Pan-Islamism, Muslim Brotherhood, Arab-Islamic identity, his leadership of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, his involvement in print and electronic media production, and his esteemed reputation among Muslim intellectuals especially Sunni world. The discussions then turn to his views on the renewal of Islamic jurisprudence, the use of resistance as political means in Palestine, democracy and pluralism. Keywords: Qaradawi, Islam, religious scholar, Islamic jurisprudence, Moderation,  Palestine, brotherhood, democracy, pluralism References: Abdelhadi, M. (2004, July 7). Controversial preacher with ‘star status’. (E. Jallad, Ed.) BBC News. doi: Graf, B. (2013). “Yusuf al-Qaradawi”, in: Esposito.