Mahsa Amini Thoughts Dr. Shamshad Hussain KT If I am asked which incident was the most shocking one in 2022, I would like to say without a second thought the custodial death of Mahsa Amini. Even in our contemporary society, if a person is arrested and murdered in the name of  her/his freedom of right to wear- which law could justify the injustice. She was arrested for not wearing Hijab. Moral police arrested her. The incident led to a popular uprising of great magnitude. A number of people killed in the unprecedented surge of popular wrath. According to the press reports more than 500 people killed in the uprising erupted in the name of dress code. Almost all the cultures have some or other kinds of taboos and restrictions in the name of dress. Modern society reached its refined attitude to dress code by transgressing the religious laws and tribal societies. The word ‘modern’ and ‘cultured’ are problematic terms in this context. Modern societies are not seemed sharing the opinion that