Issue no. 31 (30/12/2022)

Article: 254

Article: 255

Article: 256
Article: 257

Article: 258

Article: 259

Article: 260

Article: 261

Article: 262

Article: 263

Article: 263

Article: 264

Article: 265

Article: 266

Article: 267

Article: 268

Article: 269

Article: 270

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Article: 274

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Issue no. 30 (30/09/2022)

Article: 241

issue no. 29 (30/06/2022)

Environmental Wisdom (Editorial)
Dr. Shamshad Hussain K.T

Identity and History: A Reading of the Novels, 'Chuvanna Thiramalakal' and 'Pantharangadi' by Koduvally Abdulkhader
Dr. G. Ushakumari

Kaavi:  An Anti-Discourse of Athman and Autobiography
Dr. Naushad S

‘Nisaul Islam’  Arab-Malayalam Women’s Magazine and the Construct of Muslim Women Identity
Dr. Muhamed Basheer K K

There is None Besides Him  Who seeks The Truth
Dr. Sajitha Kizhinipurath

Dalit Self Narratives: Sociabilitiy and discourses

Historical communication in the stories of Bony Thomas
Remyamol G
Dr. Bennichen Scaria

Kerala Muslim Aikya Sangham: Discourses with the Renaissance
Anjali Mohan M R

Mappilappattu Ishals by Moinkutty Vaidyar Used in Malayalam cinema
Muhammad Rafi N.V

The Imagined Nation – Concepts of Nationality in the Stories of E. Santhosh Kumar : A Study Based on Two Short Stories
Dr. Liji N

Reconstruction of the Myth in Sara Joseph’s Ramayana Stories
Dr Sheeba Divakaran

Literary History and Literary Research Some Thoughts on ‘Agrapooja’
Dr. Radhakrishnan Elayidath

Parallel paths of Modernity:  Readings on George Onakkoor’s Short Stories
Dr.Stalin Das Padinhare Purakkal

Dr. Muhammedrafeeq T (download pdf)

Psychological Dynamics of Issues in Integration of Immigrant: Paradox to the New Social Organization

issue no. 28 (30/03/2022)

Article: 190
Food for half ounce and sleep for one ounce
Razak Payamprot
അര അണയ്ക്ക് ചോറും ഒരു അണയ്ക്ക് അന്തിയുറക്കവും
റസാഖ് പയമ്പ്രോട്ട്

Article: 191 
Women's safety and work place
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT

Article: 192 
Cryptology: Field and Approaches
Dr. Saidalavi C

Article: 193 
Oneythorampu thadothole onulla nattilirutheettilla
Manju K

Article: 194 
Expression of Mappila mythology: In the novels of Basheer and N. P Muhammad
Dr. Jainymol K.V

Article: 195 
Medicine and Mandras Among Mappila Muslims in Malabar
Farsana KP

Article: 196 
The Essence of  Folk Culture in the Poems of Edassery
Dr. Brincy Mathew

Article: 197
Experience of Diasporic community in Govardan's travels
Dr. AS Pratheesh

Article: 198 
Social Nature of Religious Rites in Theyyam and Thira
Dr. Ragini E.V

Article: 199
Cultural Exchange of Mappilappurattu
Shilpa N P

Article: 200 
Tablighi Movement in Kerala: Growth and Development
Dr. Muhammedrafeeq .T

Article: 201 
What Happen Chathan's Nobility
Dr. Kavitha Raman

Article: 202 
Onakodi: An Expression of Selfless and Innocent Love
Dr. Selin S.L

Article: 203 
The Cleft in the Rationale: When Nature and Science Meet
Aparna R
Dr. Lekshmi R. Nair

Article: 204 
Neelathamara in the Time of Camera Problems in Adaptation Cinema
Dr. Shooba KS

Article: 205 
Revolution and Liberation: The Conflicts of Renaissance
Dr.Sajeev P.V

Article: 206 
Water life of writ's
Biju CP

Article: 207 
Moidu Padiyath: The Writer who Maid Social Discrimination as theme
NK Sameer Karipoor

issue no. 27 (30/12/2021)

Article: 164 
VM Kutty: An Artist who Recognized the Academic Potential of Mappila Song
Razak Payamprot

Article: 165, 
What does 2021 remind us?
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT

Article: 168 
Mohinkutty Vaidyar and Health Science: A Therapeutic Readings of the Work 'Salasil'
The Politics of Translation: Thoughts based on the Translations of Rubaiyath
Dr. Abdul Gafoor P

Article: 169 
Imprints of Sufism in Kerala: An Overview
Dr. Muneer G.P

Article: 170
Mythology of Mappila Theyyam and Social Formation of North Malabar
Dr. Praseetha P

Article: 172 
Malayalam Rap Songs: A Critical Study Based on Culture and Language
Cibil  Sunny
Dr. Bennichen Scaria

Article: 173 
Myth: Social Ethos and Epistemological Methods of Study
Dr. MI Punnoose

Article: 174 
The Female Experience: Narration and Historicization
Dr. Bindu T.V

Article: 175 
Selfishness Altruism in Darwinism
Priyadarshan I

Article: 176 
Intoxicating Fragrances of Sexuality
Dr. N. Rajani

issue no. 26 (01/09/2021) 

Article: 146 
100th anniversary of Malabar Great Struggle, 75th anniversary of Indian independence
Razak Payamprot

Article: 148 
Oppana: Issue in Traditional Elements
Dr. Jameel Ahamed

Article: 149 
From Palli-Darses to Arabic Colleges: The Growth Evolution of Islamic Educational Institutions in Kerala
Dr. Liyaqath Ali

Article: 150 
Ahammadiya Jama’aath and Kerala Muslims
Dr. Muhammedrafeeq .T

Article: 154 
Arabic Grammar and Rhetoric
Dr. Abdul Majeed E

Article: 156 
Water Metaphors in Post Modern Malayalam Poetry
Dr. Sajitha kizhinipurath

Article: 158 
Resistance Literature in World Literature and Arabic Literature
Dr. Sainuddeen P.T

Article: 160 
Mahamood Darvaish: A Poet of Resistance
Dr. Muhammed Haneefa P

Article: 161 
Dalit Places in Malayala Cinema
Syama N. B
Dr. Philip John

Article: 162 
Representations of Children’s Morality in Malayalam Cinema: A Study Based on Selected Films
Adila A Kabeer

Article: 163 
Study of Malayalam Political History of Survival
Dr. PP Prakashan

issue no. 25 (24/06/2021) 

Article: 134 
Malabar literary circuit and birthplace of the great poet Moinkutty Vaidya
Razak Payamprot

Article: 135 
Academics and Activism
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT

Article: 136 
Literature of the Marginalized: The Effect of Basheer's Writing on Established Norms
Rafeeq Ibrahim

Article: 137 

Article: 138 
Myth and History: Multi-Faces of Mythology
Dr. MI Punnoose

Article: 140 
Akkitham: Some Dilemmas of Faith
Dr Sheeba Divakaran

Article: 141 
Love and Survival in the Film Moothon
Athira T

Article: 142 
Tribal life and Eco-Consciousness in Malayalam literature
Dr. Subin Jose.K
Dr. D. Rejikumar

Article: 143 
Mohiniyattam: Theory and Practice a Study Based on Kalavijayan's Experiments
Dr. Shalini S

Article: 144 
Multiple Narrators and Perspectives in Nellu
Dr. Asha Mathai

Article: 145 
Renaissance Modernity Love Conflicts: A Study Based on the work 'Ntuppuppakkoranendarnnu'
Praseetha UV

issue no. 24 (30/03/2021) 

Article: 122 
Mappila Song's Braille Version and School of Mapila Arts
Razak Payamprot

Article: 123 
Life during Corona
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT

Article: 124 
Folk Tradition and Literary Writings
Dr. Ajayapuram Jyothish Kumar

Article: 125 
UA Khader: Representation of Native life
Dr Shafeeq Vazhippara

Article: 126 
Poetic Tradition of Vishnu Narayanan Nambudiri
Dr. Nanthyath Gopalakrishnan

Article: 130 
Trandrism in Toxicology
Dr Umaiban P A (Myna Umaiban)

Article: 131 
Plurality of South Indian Dance Tradition
Kavitha KS

Article: 132 
Malabar Muslim Women's Representation in Drama
Shifana K

Article: 133 
Muslim Women's Images in the Work 'Ntuppuppakkoranendarnnu'
Sabeena Banu M

Article: 134 
Poetic Flame of Brother Ayyappan
Dr. Suja S

Article: 135 
Modern lives in the Technological Era: A Study Based on the Stories of Aymanam John
Dr. Selin S.L

issue no. 23 (28/02/2021) 
1921 la പ്രത്യേക പതിപ്പ്
Special Issue on 1921 Malabar Struggle

Article: 107 
After 1921: A Century of War Memories
Razak Payamprot

Article: 108, 
1921: History and Hyetography
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT

Article: 109 
Will the Death Cart be forgotten: The Wagon Massacre in Malabar
Sivadasan. P

Article: 110 
A Nationalist Warrior
Dr. KT Jaleel

Article: 111 
How Malabar Riots are dumbed?
Hussain Randathani

Article: 112 
Angel of Polklee and Owl of Minarwa
Dr. Anil KM

Article: 113 
Cooked up Stories and Smart Country Women: Women's Interpretations of Malabar Rebellion
Dr. Shamshad Hussain KT

Article: 115 
Anti Colonial Struggle and Indian Arab Literature
Bava k Palakkunu

Article: 116 
The Great Malabar Rebellion and Mappila Song
Basheer Chungathara

Article: 117, 1921 
Malabar Struggle in Areekod and its Premises
Dr. Ajmal Mueen M. A

Article: 118 
Malabar Rebellion: An Analysis in View of Predicament
Ashadev MV

Article: 119 
The Rebelliousness Mappila Song
Dr. Abdussamad KT

Article: 120 
War Memories Strung in Song: History and Influence of Malappuram War Song
Abdul Bari C

issue no. 22 (01/12/2020)

Article: 93 
Malayalam Transliteration of Ancient Arab-Malayalm Works
Razak Payamprot

Article: 94 
Hail the Soldier, Hail the Farmer
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT

Article: 95 Kindness of the soul and Strength
Dr. Suja S

Article: 96 
Like a wind across boundaries
Biju CP

Article: 99 
Two literary Research Works
Dr. Radhakrishnan Elayidath

Article: 100 
The Festival Performance arts Poorakkali and Music
Dr. Jayalakshmi Thazhe Veettil

Article: 101 
Representation of Arabi-Malayalam Language Study in Master of Arts in Malayalam Studies
KK Muhammed Basheer

Article: 102 
The History of Onattukar
Dr. R Rajesh

Article: 105 
Pragmatic Analysis of Adverting
Dr. Sumy Joy Oliapuram

Article: 106 
Cave Names of Cholanaikka Tribe in Nilambur, Kerala; An Eco linguistics study
Dr Lijisha AT

issue no. 21 (01/09/2020)

Article: 77 

Article: 78 
Research, Experience and Knowledge
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT

Article: 79 
Reading the love and history in Ramaraja Bahadur
MN Rajan

Article: 80 
CV's Cultural Pampering
Dr. Nanthyath Gopalakrishnan

Article: 82 
What is in Mappila song and Yasudas
Dr. Muhammed Haneefa P

Article: 83 
Roar of historical turbulence from the midstop of burial stone.
Rafeeq Ibrahim

Article: 84 
War songs: political trajectory of translation
Dr. MC Abdul Nasser

Article: 85 
Social-cultural debate of arabi-malayalam translations
Dr Shafeeq Vazhippara

Article: 86 
Politics of ethics, basis of ethics
Sajeev NU

Article: 88 
Songs and struggle: Rhythmic paths of new movements.
Dr. Muhammadali Nelliyullathil

Article: 89 
Peal of the cultural exchange in western kochi
Sini GP

Article: 90 
Classical nature of Malayalam (Book Review)
V Abdul Latheef

Article: 91 
Beginning of alternative enquiry.
Dr MS Shooba

issue no. 20 (01/06/2020)

Article: 65 
Ishal Paithrkam Journal in UGC CARE List
Razak Payamprot

Article: 66 
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT

Article: 67 
Balachandran Vallikunnu: the scholar who sought the soul of Arab-Malayalam
Bava k Palakkunu

Article: 68 
Ponnani as the epic centre of writing
TV Abdu Rahimankutty

Article: 70 
Pre-colonial modernity and Arabi-Malayalam
M Srinathan

Article: 71 
Positioning Arabi-Malayalam in contact linguistic hypotheses
Dr. Saidalavi Cheerangote

Article: 72  
Echa mastan & Sufi music in Malayalam: the new ways of Hindustani Music
Dr. Muhammed Rafi

Article: 73 
Palath Moideenkutty vaidyar: the Mappila poet unregistered in history

Issue No: 19 (01/12/2019)

Article: 47
Beypore Sulthan and Vaidyar Smarakam
Razak Payamprot 
റസാഖ് പയമ്പ്രോട്ട്

Article: 48 
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT
ഡോ ഷംഷാദ് ഹുസൈന്‍ കെ.ടി 

Article: 49 
Arabi-Malayalam literature some curious thought
Ramesh VK

Article: 50 
Ever changing Mappila song
KM Bharathan

Article: 51 
Language and death: 100 years of 'prodhanam'
P Pavithran

Article: 52 
Onam songs in Mappila songs
Bava k Palakkunu

Article: 54 
Poetic world of Mappila women: reading zenith cherukad's 'achutti'
Simi K Salim

Article: 55 
M Aleema Beevi: writing, impact
Noorjahan K

Article: 56 
M Aleema Beevi: Journalistic writing and publication
Noora V

Article: 57 
Mother tongue and democracy
Suresh Puthenparambil

Article: 59 
Safalamala: the philosophical poetry
Dr. Saidalavi Cheerangote

Article: 60 
Through the lyrics of Abu
NK Sameer Karipoor

Article: 61 
Attakatha beyond boundaries
Dr Mathews Vazhakunnam

Article: 62 
Arabian readings of Sanskrit stories
Dr. Anees Alangadan

Article: 63 
Seetha: feminine thoughts of self
Sajitha KR

Article: 64
Baburaj and mappila songs.
Dr. Muhammed Haneefa P

Issue No. 18 (01/07/2019)

Article: 33 
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT
ഡോ ഷംഷാദ് ഹുസൈന്‍ കെ.ടി

Article: 34 
'Mariyakuttiyude kathupattu' of Pulikkottil Hyder
Razak Payamprot

Article: 35 
Thoppil Muhammed Meeran
Venugopal Panicker

Article: 36 
Feminity, power, manifestation: 'neelam poothulacha vazhigal' an itinerary
Dr. S. Susmitha

Article: 37 
Defensive tradition in Tamil filim and Politics
Sajeev NU

Article: 38 
Drama movement and KJ Unni
Basheer Chungathara

Article: 39 
People in kingdom of Rama: Gandhi's Dalit life
KV Sasi

Article: 40 
Application of criticism
N Ajayakumar

Article: 41 
Printing and modernization: the cultural implications of printed matters
Sreekumar AG

Article: 42 
Eranholi Moosa
Faisal Elettil

Article: 43 
Kesha Ali: Unique voice in the Islamic Feminism
Shabna P

Article: 44 
Arab Cartography of Cinema
VA Kabeer

Issue No. 17 (01/07/2018)

Article: 21 
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT

Issue No. 16 (01/01/2018)

Article: 01 editorial:
Prof.(Dr) Shamshad Hussain KT
Vaidyar Means The Great Poet Mohinkutty Vaidyar
F. Fawcett

Article: 04 
Literary works of Moyinkutty Vaidyar
Sooranad Kunjan Pillai
Moyinkutty Vaidyar: Not just the poet of Minorities
M.T Vasudevan Nair
Moyinkutty Vaidyar
V.M Kutty
Verses of Moyinkutty Vaidyar: Essence of National Pluralism
Dr. Umar Tharammal
Language and Narration in the works of Vaidyar: A study based on Indian poetic science
Women in Malappuram war song
Dr. V Hikmathulla
Feminist poetic philosophy in the works of Moyinkutty Vaidyar
Bava K Palukunnu
Dr Muhammedrafeeq T

Article: 12 
Persia Influence in the literary works of Moyinkutty Vaidyar
Dr. Anees Alangadan
Dr P T Noufal

Article: 14 
Story of camel and deer: New strides in the lyrical literature
Femina C.P
Dr Hussain Randathani

Article: 16 
Moyinkutty Vaidyar as a juvenile literarian
Basheer Chungathara

Article: 18 
Anti-colonial Arabic poetry in Kerala
Dr. Liyaqath Ali

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